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Exclusive Interview with Isaac Feliu

Posted by ACD Racing Parts USA on

Isaac Feliu

Isaac Feliu is Founder of TwinTrail and Moterus and actually a very good Spanish Adventure Rider!

ACD Racing Parts USA recently sat down with Isaac Feliu and picked his brain:

ACD: Where is your favorite place to ride?

IF: Hard to say... I love my country (Spain) for offroad riding, but then there is the Alps... both on and offroad it is an amazing place to ride and enjoy motorcycling.

ACD: What do you feel are your weak points and strong points?

IF: Weak points... lack of good technique, I ride by intuition, not by knowing exaclty what I do and why. I would like to learn trail bike, as I believe it is the only real good way to learn to ride a motorcycle. Strong point, I think there is only one big strong point: my mind. I am always happy, always willing to go a bit further with my limits, always ready to learn something and never give up!

ACD: Who got you interested in off-roading/adventure bikes?

Isaac Feliu

IF: It happened naturally. I started by riding road bikes, and after some years I started to take my road bike offroad... then I realized I need a proper trial bike, so I bought one. Then I discovered a new world of sensations!

ACD: What is your Favorite bike and why?
IF: Mine (BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Oil Cooled)!!

ACD: Why?

IF: Because of many small things.. like reliability, power, look... but mostly because of its incredible engine (you either love or hate the boxer engine... I love it!). Also how capable it is for doing everything from city commuting to enduro riding and long distance travelling. Maybe not the best bike for any specific aspect, but the most well balanced one.

ACD: What are your plan/goals for riding for the rest of the year? Any competition or travel?

IF: I am currently participating in the Spanish national Rally TT championship. Unfortulantely, the last 2 races where canceled. Besides that, I am planning a big change on my GSA (replacing the front telelever for a conventional upside down fork setup) for better offroad control, and also some trips to the alps (on and offroad). Some other small travels in Spain, and I am also starting an offroad riding school, so.... I will be quite busy!

ACD: Tell us about off-roading in Africa.

IF: I did a trip in 2013 across the entire African continent from Morocco to South Africa and then back to Egypt. Of course I had to do some offroad there, but nothing too extreme. I was doing a very large trip there so the idea was to keep the risk as minimal as possible. Although in some places I did push the limits a bit on what can be done on a fully loaded GSA. But I've done lots of things much more complicated here in Europe. I think part of being a good adventure rider is to be able to evaluate the risks inherent to do something or not do it, and be safe all along the journey.

Isaac Feliu

ACD:Any trouble with injuries lately?

IF: You may not believe it, but... I am either a very very lucky man or maybe I have superpowers. I have to say I've never been injured!! I do crash a lot with my bike (remember I am always willing to go a bit further my limits) but I always crash in a safer way, and I hope that stay that way forever!

ACD: How do you prepare your bike and yourself for adventure riding?

IF: I would love to be able to prepare myself; because I do nothing to be prepared! About the bike: before doing a trip like the African one, I just make sure everything on the bike is in excellent shape and take always with me a small amount of spare parts and tools. Now that I'm racing with it, I just take off everything that is not essential (I have even removed the crashbars!). Then I've made some modifications like 21/18 wheels from Woody Wheels Works, upgraded shocks by installing a pair of good TFX racing shocks, and other bits like the ACD Racing parts awesome skid plate. Now, as I said, I'm trying to convert the GSA to some sort of HP2 with proper front forks...we'll see how it works!

Isaac Feliu Off Road Video with his BMW R1200GSA

You can check out more information about Isaac on the following:

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