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How Do Frame Sliders Protect Your Bike?

Posted by ACD Racing Parts USA on

ACD Racing Parts - Crash Sliders

Frame sliders essentially stretch out the time it takes for a ground collision to occur, cushioning the force of impact by allowing the bike to slide or coast to a more gradual stop. Sliders decrease not just the force of the impact, but also lower the amount of total force you and your bike absorb.

Most competitor crash sliders have a puck that is designed to break away in the event of a major impact. Ours are made with POM (Polyoxymethylene) which is MUCH stronger than regular plastics. Instead of popping off, our sliders absorb the shock of the collision distributing the force more evenly throughout the frame. This allows the rider to navigate the crash more smoothly.

So take those deep curves at speed confidently with our ACD Crash Sliders - protect your bike and ease the strain your body undergoes in a scrape!

ACD Racing Parts - Crash Slider

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