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How to choose an Off-Road Motorcycle Tire?

Posted by ACD Racing Parts USA on

How to choose a Dirt Bike TireGet the right rubber for your ride!

Affording all the cool accessories for dirt biking is difficult for most of us. But one area you should never skimp on is dirt bike tires. A good pair of Motocross tires will give you better acceleration, traction and drastically improve your braking and cornering ability. You will immediately feel the difference after replacing worn off-road tires with a set of new ones.

ACD Racing Parts USA tells you everything you need to know about Off-Road Motorcycle Tires!

When to replace your dirt bike tires:

Your motorcycle tires may look perfectly fine, but look closer. You may find your road rubber should have been replaced long before you even thought about it.

The average life of tires is about 4-5 years after the manufacturing date. A good rule of thumb is the replace both tires at the same time and keep them both the same brand.

If you ride a lot or see any of these signs, it’s time to update your mud crunchers:

1.Check the rubber: Is it cracked, dry or unevenly colored? Are there chunks missing or obvious wear?

2.Check the tread: You never want treads to get low. You need deep treads to ride in dirt and aggressive riders definitely need to be checking their treads more often. Those hard turns wear out your sidewalls fast.

3.Check the knobs: Are they still attached and shaped well? Are some completely missing? When your rear tire starts missing knobs, you should have replaced it a long time ago!

Pick your terrain-Pick your tire:

There’s a terrain for every mood; desert, beach, forest, mud, so many options! Dirt bike tires come in just as many shapes, sizes, compounds and tread patterns. Pick the right tire for the right conditions. So what terrain are you riding in?

1. Hard, dry, rocky terrain

Motorcycle tires will be made of a soft, outer rubber to provide extra grip on hard surfaces. The tread blocks/knobs are closer together, shorter, and more densely packed. The tire itself is rounder for more contact with firm ground.

Heidenau K69 Motocross Dirt Bike Tire is the one to pick for hard, stony grounds. Recommended for competition, adventure biking, Enduro, dual-sport and leisure.

Motocross Front Heidenau K69: 80/100-21”

Motocross Rear Heidenau K69: 110/90-19”

Heidenau K79 Motorcycle Tire

2. Soft, muddy and sandy terrain 

Tires are made of harder rubber. The knobs are longer and have bigger spaces in between to let mud be thrown out instead of clogging up the tread. The front tires have spikier knobs. Heidenau 

Motocross Dirt Bike Tire K79 is specifically designed for soft and sandy surfaces.

Motocross Front Heidenau K79: 90/90-21”

3. Intermediate terrain or a mixture of types

If you are riding in areas that change terrain, like bush trails, or if you just want something that will go anywhere, intermediate tires are a good choice.

Heidenau K60 Dual Sport Scout tire is designed for both on and off road usage, best for dual-sport, adventure touring, off-road and leisure riding.

Dual Sport Front Heidenau K60: 110/80-19”

Dual Sport Read Heidenau K60: 150/70-17”

Heidenau K74 Motocross tire has superior grip and great for performance in any situation, best for competition, adventure biking, endure, dual-sport and leisure.

Motocross Rear Heidenau K74: 120/90-18”

Motocross Rear Heidenau K74: 140/80-18”

7 Extra Tips for your Off-Road Motorcycle Tires:

1. Don’t show off with burnouts, or you will shorten the life of your dirt-bike tires faster.

2. Clean and check your rims, bead lock and rubber seals for wear and damage as well.

3. Air Pressure: When riding in soft conditions, lower the rear tire to 10psi and the front tire to 11-12psi. This will allow more surface area grip. In harder conditions on tracks and around stones, inflate to 13-14psi max.

4. Inner tubes: if you ride trails all the time, use a thicker, heavier duty inner tube to help prevent punctures.

5. Valve caps: It’s a good idea to keep the factory valve caps on your tires. The factory caps will have the right rubber gasket to get a good seal and prevent air leakage.

6. Knowing what tires you already have will help. Check the sidewall for numbers and codes. You also need to know what size rims you have.

7. Most off-road and dual sports bikes use an 18” rim, whereas Motocross bikes often have a 19” rim.

No matter what brand or style of dirt bike tire you choose, remember to ride safely and #ProtectyourPassion!

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